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Robert “BD” Dautch

Robert “BD” Dautch has been farming for nearly 40 years. Known as the “Organic Alchemist,” he’s big on herbs and organic salad greens. BD’s certified organic selection of herbs and other produce (we love his greens, but also mulberries, figs, and many wondrous things!) grow in the hills of Carpinteria and also at his farm in Ojai, filling up the rows of Orange trees, with the mountains glimmering behind.

Roots Farms

Jacob Grant

Los Olivos, CA

Based in Los Olivos, Roots is a small farm, with only ten to 15 acres planted at one time. They’re known for their sweet carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, and melons. The owner Jacob Grant pays very close attention to his soil and insists on organic composts.

Milliken Family Farm

Chris Milliken

Santa Barbara, CA

Chris Milliken’s family has been growing dates for generations and in the last four years, he has set up shop on approximately 12 acres of land near More Mesa in Santa Barbara. He’s a produce specialist and produces an amazing array of beautiful veggies and the tastiest garlic in the area.

Finley Farms

Saint Ynez, CA

A small family farm in the Santa Ynez Valley, Finley Farms is run by a couple that decided to start a farm shortly after graduating college. They’re known for a variety of produce including Russian kale and sugar snap peas in the spring, and pumpkins in the summer.

The Garden Of…

Santa Ynez, CA

Think gorgeous lettuce heads, tender potatoes, and crisp beets. The Garden Of … is known for their impeccably pristine produce. Grown in Santa Ynez, the farm is completely pesticide free and irrigation is regulated to maximize flavor.

Tenerelli Farms

John Tenerelli

Littlerock, CA

John Tenerelli produces beautiful peaches and stone fruit that are grown in the desert. They’re located on a 35-year old farm that includes 13 small orchards.

Ellwood Canyon

Goleta, CA

Ellwood Canyon Farms is located on three acres of fertile river bottom loam in Western Goleta off of Ellwood Canyon Road. They grow a wide variety of seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers.

Rancho La Familia

Santa Maria, CA

Located in Santa Maria, Rancho La Familia is an organic farm with fantastic strawberries and an abundance of vegetables.

Etheridge Organics

Gene Etheridge

Orosi, CA

Gene Etheridge is known for his fruit selection. Etheridge Farm started off as a conventional farm but Gene soon switched to organic when he realized the impact of pesticides. He has hundreds of varieties and grows specialty fruit like Flavor King pluots, and Hachiya persimmons which he dries himself.

Mud Creek Ranch

Santa Paula, CA

Mud Creek started off with a 50-acre orange grove and today they’re known for having the largest selections of tangerine varieties in Southern California. At 65 acres strong, the farm is a citrus and avocado specialist.

Fairview Gardens

Goleta, CA

Fairview Gardens is an organic and sustainable farm in Goleta with beyond organic practices. One of the oldest organic farms in California, they specialize in all sorts of produce.

L.A. Funghi

Dirk Hermann

Los Angeles, CA

Owner Dirk Hermann is a funghi specialist from the Bavarian Alps, who used to trade mushrooms for meals and beer. The company offers as many as 42 different varieties.

Somer’s Ranch

Shannon Somers

Filmore, CA

Shannon Somers of Somer Ranches has been farming for a respectable 35 years and is known for his citrus products including mandarins, blood oranges, Eureka lemons, ruby grapefruits, and limes. His secret? The fruits should have a smooth skin. Notice the vibrancy of the fruits and vegetables.

Hilltop & Canyon

Robert Abbott

Carpinteria, CA

Hilltop & Canyon Farms are pioneers in the region’s avocado and lemon industry. Robert Abbott's Grandfather started farming the same Carpinteria land in 1923. This family-run business now leases a couple of acres for row crops, which go straight to the markets—30 different types of field flowers, 10 kinds of beans, some eggplant, a few heirloom vegetables, odds and ends to keep it interesting.

Maggie’s Farm

Nate Peitso

Agoura Hills, CA

The greens sold Maggie’s are hand-harvested near the stem for a cleaner cut and longer life. Headed by Nate Peitso, whose family started growing vegetables for Chez Panisse in 1981, Maggie’s is known for their fantastic salad mix, including lettuce, dill, chives, parsley, and basil.


John Givens

Goleta, CA

John Givens started John Givens Farm in the Goleta Valley under the “Something Good” label in 1980 with 1 acre. Over the years, John Givens Farm grew slowly to its present size of 180 acres in 12 locations stretching over 30 miles. Their goal is to provide fresh, local, organic produce of excellent quality all year long.

Harpo's Organics

Chico, CA

Harpos Organics is a family owned organic ranch in Ventura County, just across the river from Fillmore, in sunny Southern California. Harpos Organics produces only certified organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and orange juice.

Life’s a Choke

Casi Richie

Lompoc, CA

Casi Richie is behind Life’s a Choke and she’s known for her beautiful specialty artichokes and asparagus. The farm specializes in the baby varieties, as well as traditional globe and Euro ones. Her tip? The heavier the choke, the meatier it is.

Jalama Road

Kenny & Erin Pata

Lompoc, CA

Kenny and Erin Pata are behind Butterbean Studios, a purveyor of beans and honey. The beans are unsprayed and everything is grown and gathered by Pata family members on Jalama Road near Lompoc.

Sqirl LA

Jessica Koslow

Silverland, CA

Silver-Lake based Jessica Koslow is one of the most respected jam-makers and chefs in the country. Her highly demanded jams and pickles are made with rare heirloom varieties and have effectively transformed the way we think about preservation.

Rock Rose Provisions

Santa Barbara, CA

Rock Rose Provisions is an artisan culinary project in Santa Barbara, California. They make a variety of small batch, handcrafted nut butters using responsibly sourced ingredients from local purveyors. Their mission is to forge a new voice in a modern food system saturated with mass production and unhealthy ingredients.

Scratch Ventura Ketchup

Santa Barbara, CA

Scratch Ventura is a food truck with a killer ketchup recipe that has been the talk of the town in Ventura. They source from local farms and the ketchup pairs well with their hand cut fries and burger.

Nohmad Snack Co.

Marina Del Ray, CA

Nohmad Snack Co. sources 100% organic heirloom Arriba Nacional cacao from Ecuador, where 30- to 80- year-old cacao trees are grown in mineral-rich volcanic soils. Once harvested, the beans are fermented and then sun-dried to preserve as much as of their flavor as possible.

The Farmer & the Cook

Ojai, CA

A husband-and-wife team in Ojai serving up tasty Mexican bites. The husband is the farmer and the wife, the cook.

Roan Mills/ Kenter Canyon Farms

Andrea Crawford

Sun Valley, CA

Andrea Crawford got her start growing greens in the early 80s for Chez Panisse. Today she operates Kenter Canyon Farms, selling mostly wholesale greens. She recently launched a bread line using wheat from her farm. The bread is baked, milled, and harvested using three varieties of wheat. The grain is stone milled and sifted to remove some of the bran.

Wild, Local, Sustainable Seafood

Ben Hyman

Santa Barbara, CA

Wild, Local, Sustainable Seafood is truly all about wild, local, and sustainable catches. Owner Captain Ben Hyman sources his fish from domestic waters only and was inspired to start his business after witnessing a lack of respect to the fishermen and the fish. He is also a huge advocate for minimal miles from boat to table.

Rancho San Julian

Elizabeth Poett

Santa Barbara, CA

Rancho San Julian, which sells grass-fed beef, is one of the oldest family-run ranches in California. The cattle is raised humanely and grazed on a rotational system out on the hillsides. They eat a completely vegetarian diet of regionally grown hay and dry farmed barley. Elizabeth Poett, who is the force behind their pastured meat program, is a 7th generation rancher.

Jimenez Family Farms

Marcie & Gustavo Jimenez

Santa Ynez, CA

Marcie and Gustavo Jimenez don’t approve of how many chemicals are allowed in organic growing and have chosen to forgo certification for that very reason. They raise as many pigs as they can keep happy (about four at a time) and grow lamb and rabbits as well.

Cook Pigs

San Diego, CA

Located in East San Diego Country, Cook Pigs sells humanely-raised, locally-grown, and pastured Heritage pork. The pigs live in large outdoor pens, where they are allowed to roam and pasture as desired. The feed consists almost entirely of the use of community supported agricultural waste products such as tortillas, beer mash, apples, and acorns on the ranch. No hormones or non-natural supplements are used whatsoever to speed-up the growth process.

Dare 2 Dream

Lompoc, CA

Dare to Dream's hens are pastured in fields of rye grass, buckwheat, flax, clover, and sunflowers. The farm’s coops are sustainable and handcrafted for safe and humane backyard chicken keeping. The garden grows pesticide and herbicide free.

Black Pig Meat Co.


Black Pig Meat Co. takes pigs from the Northwest and converts them into bacon in California. The bacon is dry cured with brown sugar for up to 21 days and then finished with applewood smoking for about 12 hours. All pigs are heritage breed and raised without antibiotics and hormones.

Soledad Goat’s Cheese

Julian & Carol Pearce

Soledad, CA

If you’ve been to the Hollywood’s Farmers Market, chances are, you’ve seen Soledad’s boby goats being pet and stroked by the public. Julian and Carol Pearce produce some of the best goat cheese in California. Their secret? Keep the goats happy and frolicking.

McClelland Butter

An organic family farm producing European-style organic artisan butter.

Isla Vista Food Co-Op

Isla Vista, CA

Located in Santa Barbara, Isla Vista is a consumer cooperative that exists to provide residents with reasonably priced foods, products and services that promote a healthier lifestyle and environment. It was created after the riots of 1970, after capturing at $13,000 loan from the Legislative Directors of the Associated Studens at UCSB.

Rainbow Ranch

Pinon Hills, CA

Rainbow Ranch in Palmdale is known for their organic, free-range meats. They specialize in poultry, eggs, pork, lamb, and beef.

Organic Pastures

Mark McAfee

Fresno, CA

Organic Pastures founder Mark McAfee is an expert in raw milk production. They are California’s first raw milk dairy with certified organic pastured land. Cows are never given antibiotics, hormones, or GMOs.

Straus Farm

Marshall, CA

Straus was the first certified organic and GMO-free dairy west of the Mississippi River and the first 100% certified organic creamery in the United States. We get our milk from their cows, which are all fed a balanced, vegetarian diet.

Café Organico

Silverlake, CA

Cafecito Organico is a champion for organic, single-origin beans. Coffee and political activism course through founder Angel Orozco’s veins, and both factors prompted him to launch a coffee company in 2004. Always aware of the inequity in the coffee industry he had not really thought about getting involved until he met some small coffee producers in Guatemala who were being affected by the inequity in the coffee industry. The coffee they gave him to tinker with at home provided the impetus for his entry into the world of coffee. That’s when he realized how amazing a freshly roasted cup of coffee tasted, and began to consider the idea of a career in coffee.

Chocolate Maya

Maya Schoop-Rutten

Santa Barbara, CA

As an active child growing up in Geneva, Switzerland Maya Schoop-Rutten lived by a beautiful lake near a storybook forest where she biked, built stick houses, fished, sledded or skied, depending on the weather. Maya missed European chocolate so much that every year she would go to Europe and fill her suitcase with chocolate to bring back to eat and share with her friends. Finally she realized the suitcase wasn’t enough, she wanted to share this wonderful food with everybody! At the time she owned a small breakfast and lunch restaurant called the Come Backcafé. She sold the Comeback Café and opened Chocolate Maya in 2007.

In addition to visiting cacao bean plantations to meet the growers, Maya has gone to Switzerland to learn to make her own exquisitely delicious truffles and chocolate dipped confections. She says, “The secret is to have a high quality chocolate in perfect balance with mint, chile, lavender, or whatever you choose to pair with it. Top quality ingredients with no preservatives or artificial additives.”

Savour this Sauce

Los Angeles, CA

Savour this Sauce has a roster of farm-to-table sauces inspired by international flavors. Signature flavors include red pepper romesco, pistachio mint chutney, and Thai chile cilantro. All sauces are dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free.

Brassica & Brine

Los Angeles, CA

Brassica & Brine uses Old World fermentation methods and their cultured vegetable products are prepared using the lowest-impact form of preservation possible. They source locally when possible and products are always organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free, kosher-pareve, and brimming with live, active cultures.

Mission Rose

Michael Glazer

Santa Barbara, CA

Michael Glazer is a crusader of sustainability and makes all his fresh pasta in his kitchen. His products are seasonally influenced, ingredient-focused and features the bounty of small local farms. We’re a fan of pairing his pasta with asparagus, fava beans, and San Joaquin Gold Cheese.

Bling Bling Dumpling

Annie Chen & Cindy Pao

Los Angeles, CA

Bling Bling is a Los Angeles catering company that uses organic and natural ingredients. Chefs Annie Chen and Cindy Pao were inspired by handmade street foods while on a trip back to Taiwan. They create classic pork dumplings along with more eclectic offerings including cheeseburger and vegan flavors.

Bread Lounge

Los Angeles, CA

Based in downtown’s Arts District, The Bread Lounge uses three simple ingredients: flour, water, and salt. No preservatives or artificial colorings are used and the yeast is grown and made in-house. F.Y.I. bread with natural yeast is healthier and tastes better than commercial yeast.

New Vineland

Lompoc, CA

Melissa Sorongon of New Vineland Bread makes her bread in a wood-fired oven and uses her own wheat. The wheat plants are milled on site. Durum, spelt, rye, red wing, red fife, and sonora flour varieties are used.

Rising Hearts Bakery

Culver City, CA

Rising Hearts Bakery is a gluten-free specialist in Culver City and they make some of the tastiest wheatless brownies in the land. The bakery has vegan options and they are dairy-free and kosher. We love their extensive bread selection.

Press Brothers Juicery

Los Angeles, CA

Press Brothers Juicery is Los Angeles’ juicing sweetheart and use hydraulic methods to squeeze more nutrition and juice out of fresh produce. The company was born out of the idea that in order to find balance each day, modern people need to be armed with a fresh set of tools that are simple and tailored to their hectic schedules


Los Angeles, CA

Health-Ade is a kombucha company that uses only local and seasonal farmers’ market fruit for flavor. Their products are made with three simple ingredients: tea, sugar, and water. Everything is made in small batches, fermented and produced only in glass.

Esperti Coffee

Matthew and Pavithra

Agoura Hills, CA

Esperti Coffee was founded by Matthew and Pavithra, a husband and wife team who met each other in an Environmental Policy graduate program about a decade ago. Pavithra comes from a coffee growing community in India called "Coorg" where the men & women are often referred to as warrior folk.

Avila & Sons Farms

Hanford, CA

The people over at Avila and Sons Farms are fourth generation farmers in beautiful Hanford California. With a variety of dried fruits, flavored and non flavored nuts, and nut butters, all grown naturally, they can be found at farmers markets from the central coast down to southern California areas.

Peacock Family Farms

Dinuba, CA

We get our raisins from Peacock Family Farms. One taste of the plump gems and we promise you’ll be asking for more. Located In Dinuba and Nipomo, Peacock creates delicious golden flame raisins.

Fat Uncle Farms

Wasco, CA

We go nuts for Fat Uncle Farms. Owner Nate Siemens is a third-generation almond farmer. All the nuts are hand-picked from low-hanging fruit in the San Joaquin Valley. The farm creates a sprouted, dehydrated variety that is soaked for hours and then dehydrated at a low temperature to dry (making their nutrients easier to assimilate in the body).

California Wine

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