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Our Story

Out of the Box Collective delivers nutrition based well-being to 1000 zip codes across SoCal. Every week since 2010 we have been delivering locally sourced, small batch organic food, pastured meats, wild caught fish and more, along with recipes designed to inspire and delight our demanding clientele. Now we are expanding into Home Chef services, and genomic based counseling to provide a 360 service to our expanding customer base. We are also very proud to be B Corp certified, which means that we have been audited to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We were honored as "Best for the World"‚Äč list in the area of Community, for the past three years. We were also awarded the B Corp Award by the Sustainable Business Council of LA in 2016.


We specialize in Culinary Inspiration Boxes -- curated, weekly themed boxes with selections from all the food groups. These boxes are created around a weekly meal plan with recipes using all the ingredients in the box.  Our customers also love to get creative with their ingredients and do their own thing.  


For people who like to choose their own ingredients, our online marketplace has an extensive collection of locally sourced products, delivered straight to doorsteps. Out of the Box prioritizes buying local, organic or pesticide-free, GMO-free whenever possible, and sustainably produced foods.

Jennifer Piette, Founder

After working for 25 years as a screenwriter in Europe -- where people have a very different relationship to food -- I returned to the US and founded Out of the Box Collective in 2010, with the goal of inspiring people to get back into their kitchens with amazing ingredients, and back around the table with their loved ones creating lasting memories and building their health at the same time.

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