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Ridiculous GF Muffin


 Join our Beta Test for your health!

We are thrilled to be collaborating with arivale.com, the only company in the world that looks at your genetic data, current blood work and lifestyle and pairs you with a Masters level registered dietitian specialized in genetics and behavior change, to help you understand what it all means and create an action plan. Including:

  • extensive testing including 40+ blood markers & 3000 genetic variants
  • stress/sleep analysis, etc.
  • one-on-one personal coaching calls  — where you can work through the data and decide what your action plans will be.
  • an app where you can share photos of your meals with your coach for feedback 
  • OTB will collaborate with your Arivale coach to incorporate your wellness goals into your box deliveries!!

You are being proactive and preventive and working on optimizing your health and watching for transitions to disease before they happen.

On our end, a professional chef will customize your box, removing and adding foods to make it easier for you to meet your goals and enjoy delicious meals.

If there is another adult in your household who also wants to participate, we can work together to create a diet that meets all of your goals together. This service can integrate with the Chef Services for a complete food solution for your household.

Contact us here or call 310 745 3556 to learn more!

 Chef Services are Here!

The OTB Home Chef Base Plan includes one weekly visit from an experienced chef who will arrive after the delivery of your Culinary Inspirations box. Schedule the chef Monday or Tuesday to prepare three family-friendly meals. Your fully cooked meals will be left in your refrigerator with simple re-heating or last-minute instructions. The OTB Home Chef Base Plan starts at $236/week. Please note that all food is purchased separately. Email us at info@outoftheboxcollective.com to set up a free home consultation with a personal chef who will design a cooking plan for your household, adapted to your dietary restrictions.>

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