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Kitchen Box

kitchen box Culinary Inspirations Boxes are designed around a weekly theme with recipes to celebrate our diverse food culture. Each box contains produce along with pastured, sustainable, CA-grown meat and fish, cheese, nuts, dried fruit, grains, pulses and regional specialties.

Produce Box

produce box Produce Boxes are available in various sizes and combinations for all of your fruit and vegetable needs. These boxes are basically a traditional CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) but with full control over the combos — all fruit, all veg or both!

Specialty Box

specialty Specialty Boxes are great for special diets or gifting. Options include The Vegan Box, The Juicing Box for your daily juice, the romantic Dinner For Two Box and our very popular Breakfast Box with fresh OJ, eggs, pastries, seasonal berries, yogurt and more.

customize box

Allergies? Preferences? No problem — you can customize your box to suit your tastes! Once you add your box to the shopping cart, simply remove unwanted items from the list. Use your applied credit at The Market to add new items and order foods you enjoy. Note: Boxed item and à la carte item prices may vary.

The Market

The Market offers a wide selection of local à la carte items to help round out your weekly food needs. From a loaf of bread to a jar of pickles, a stick of butter to the catch of the week, The Market is like shopping at your local farmer’s market — online!

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WE REUSE OUR BOXES & CONTAINERS AND MINIMIZE PRINTING. WINNER of 2016 Sustainable Business Council of Los Angeles B Corp Award



The Culinary Inspirations Box

Select the size of your box, set the frequency of your delivery (one time, weekly, monthly) and customize your order based on your dietary preferences.

Start cooking farm-fresh, nutritious meals with healthy recipes. These food boxes are flexible — you can use the recipes or create your own with the same ingredients.

  • Organic & non-GMO produce
  • Grass-fed, antibiotic-free meats & seafood
  • Gluten-free and vegetarian options
  • Recyclable and reusable packaging
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